Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Moulding

I have an idea for a new and innovative product!

Can you give me an idea of how viable it is?

Bring along a prototype, or a sketch and Petersens will give you an estimate of manufacturing costs.

    1. What size products can you make?

      Our machines are capable of making products up to 1200 gm.

    2. What kind of products do you make?

      High impact safety equipment, kitchen hardware, bathroom fittings, marine products, plumbing accessories, horticultural products, cable reels, fasteners, containers, industrial components and many more

    3. Can you pack and assemble goods?

      If required, Petersens will finish goods to your specifications and deliver them as required which can include products packed in your own packing, ready for retail.

    4. What materials do you use?

      Petersens use whichever resin is most suitable for your product.

    5. How quickly can you do my moulding job?

      For products where the dies exist and are ready to produce: work on a turn around of 2-3 weeks, depending on existing production loading.

      For Product Development, the cycle is dependent upon many factors, such as complexity, testing requirements, client testing etc so the product development cycle needs careful consideration with the customer.

      Die manufacture also depends upon complexity, source and on control options and will take from 4 weeks to 6 months.

Petersens Spools and Cable Reels

  1. Why should I use Petersens Reels?

    They are light and durable, strong and attractive and interlock for easy stacking. Material selection limits damaged rims and breakages in service.

  2. What uses do they have?

    They are used for cables, braids and manchester products, twines, light hoses and rubber trims and any product that can be wound on for storage or display.

  3. Can I have a reel made in our company colours?

    Petersens can personalise them with your company colour and Logo.

  4. What is your delivery time?

    Black Flanged Reels without logos are available within 3 days in New Zealand. Special colours or flanges with logo usually take 7-10 days.

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