Surpeg Survey Peg

Surpeg Survey Peg

Survey Peg with Magnetic Location, Radio Frequency Identification option and data storage

The design registered and patent pending hollow head design of this plastic survey peg enables the customer to specify and mount an RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] chip into the peg head giving the options of passive RFID for location identification and data storage. An ongoing development program in in place to optimise and enhance the pegs’ capabilities, "Future Proofing" and improving as technology evolves.

  • The standard peg has metal embedded for location with a metal detector
  • Optionally, an RFID insert chip gives location with a hand held reader and the capability to program and store data.
  • Petersens can custom colour or engrave or modify the head for a specific project or for approval in other countries

Surpegs are manufactured and distributed under licence from Wellfound Ltd.

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